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MYWILDSPACES was founded by JOHN ALLPORT in response to the Extinction Crisis highlighted by the United Nations Report dated May XX, 2019. 

Our vision is to create a social network of caring people who wish to give wild animals the privacy they need by pledging to stay off a portion of the private land they own or use, including City Balconies, Backyards and Woodlots.  

Mr. Allport was an Intellectual Property lawyer for almost 40 years. In his own words:

"My life as a patent attorney has uniquely qualified me to understand the passion and energy necessary to take any idea from invention to fruition. I believe that the challenge created by the Extinction Crisis is existential for all life on Earth. Only a community of caring people can reverse it. We will recruit and surround ourselves with the best minds in the many fields of expertise necessary to make this idea work. "


We are now engaged in the search for our initial Directors. 


As our Project gets underway, we will seek advice from experts in the many fields which will contribute to our success.


Every movement such as this one requires the assistance of volunteers. They will provide the backbone of what will necessarily be a long campaign.


If we can demonstrate a successful model, we will seek the assistance of patrons who wish to contribute to a lasting continent-scale legacy. We may not wish to seek government grants, as these must inevitably involve a bargain to provide services to people. This is the model of the National Park and the major Trails. While these are important components of a conservation effort, we seek to provide additional private space for animals from which people are voluntarily excluded.


The inevitable Questions will be Answered as they arise.

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JOHN ALLPORT 1- (905) 344-7161


By Appointment during Build-Out Phase